Our Concept

Amoneto is a digital token that enables a new peer-to-peer payment system powered by the users of the network. From the creation to the usability, only the users of the network can affect the growth, value, and future of Amoneto.


How is Amoneto created?

To understand our approach, here's a bit of history on money and economy. There are 5 stages so far in human history:

1. THE BARTER SYSTEM - is a pre-money system where people used to trade goods with one another. You give me vegetables, I give you Milk kinda thing. Then as society grew...

2. THE GOLD ERA - which is the longest form of economy used by humans was implemented. This is the time in history where gold was used as money. It went from the Egyptian empire all the way to the Roman empire.

3. THE GOLD STANDARD - was established by Great Britain and the United States in the 19th century. Under the Gold Standard currencies were backed by gold for stability..

4. THE PETRO-DOLLAR - in 1971 President Nixon of the United States suspended the convertibility of the US dollar into gold. As a result, oil was used to stabilize the US Dollar. Under the Petro-Dollar agreement, it was agreed that oil must be purchased using US Dollars exclusively.

5. FIAT & CRYPTOCURRENCY - is the current stage of economy. This is the most unstable form of the so called money we've used to date.

Put aside the Barter System and the early years of the Gold Era, all the monetary systems we've used have been centralized and manipulated because of their nature. We have come to the realization that all the systems have one thing in common though: they thrive with community trust and adoption regardless of real value. Our approach is to build a community based economy where money is created and used by those who constitute the community.

Think about it... Advertising power is the greatest asset by far in any economy. Vegetables, milk, gold, oil, real estate, new technology, etc... without advertising will not get across to communities, therefore not creating any value. Advertising-based digital money is the idea behind Amoneto.


Amoneto Creation Process


As demonstrated in the flowchart above, there are 3 steps in the Amoneto creation process:

1. The advertiser places the ad.

2. The ad is distributed to the network of users (consumers).

3. Using our proprietary algorithm, Amoneto is created when the ad is displayed. Then, Amoneto is distributed both to the users seeing the ad and the advertiser who created the ad.


What are the pros and cons of Amoneto?


NO BOUNDARIES - You can send and receive Amoneto to anyone, anywhere, at any time in the world in seconds. No risk of conversion to local currencies. You are in full control.

LOW VOLATILITY - The value of Amoneto does not depend on speculations, market performance, media, and/or all the other elements deciding the value of traditional forms of money we currently use. The value of Amoneto is decided based on the performance of our network as a whole.

NO FEES - There is no fees to transfer Amoneto, anywhere in the world, at any time.

OPEN MARKET - Sellers and merchants can now reach new markets where credit/debit card payments are not an option. Also, because we charge no fees for transactions, they can make more profit.


ACCEPTANCE/ADOPTION - Because we're new, many people are still not aware of our existence. We are committed to educating communities around the world about the advantages of using Amoneto.


What is the value of Amoneto?

The value of money is not the money itself. Money is valued based on the products and services one can buy with it. Unlike fiat currency and cryptocurrency, Amoneto is created based on the advertisement of valuable products and services in our platform that are available for purchase with the Amoneto created. So, the value of Amoneto is measured by what's available for purchase on or off our marketplace advertised by our users.


What determine Amoneto price?

The answer to this question is very important. First of all, Amoneto does not have a price because you cannot purchase it. 1 Amoneto will always equal to 1 Amoneto, and we believe that's how money should work (with a set value). With that being said, the rate at which you make your Amoneto may differ from that of another member. If you're an advertiser, it depends on the price you paid for your advertising block. If you're a user seeing ads from advertisers, it depends on the price paid for the block of ads you're seeing. It's not a matter of value, it's a matter of the quantity you can generate from an advertising block. Once an Amoneto is created it holds the same value in our network no matter where in the world it's created.


Is Amoneto secure?

We use the latest encryption technology to provide a level of security similar to that used by banks and governments around the world. Our most common vulnerability is in user error. Just like you would do for your banking information, we encourage every user to safeguard their Amoneto wallet credentials to prevent access to non-authorized users. In the case of such events, we have the capacity to track any fraudulent transaction to protect our users.


What is the plan to success?

We see the evolution of all the digital currencies out there, and we also see their struggle when it comes to being accepted by merchants. We stronly believe that, as we stated before, the value of money is not the money itself. Its value is based on the products and services one can buy with it. With that being said, we think that for our digital token to succeed we need to work on merchant adoption before we even think about proposing it to the general public. We have designed a roadmap with multiple milestones to assure that success will be achieved.


Our Roadmap

Our roadmap consists of 6 stages. These stages will be updated as we reach each milestone.

Development & Testing

March 2018 - February 2020


Soft Launch

April 2020


Merchant Adoption

October 2020 - Accepted in over 70,000 stores


User Adoption

Official Launch - January 1, 2021

Current Stage


5 Million users

This milestone is paramount for the success of our platform. Once achieved, our token will be generated at a rate that will enable wealth creation among our users. You can play a big role and benefit from this success by joining and inviting people you know to join. We can accomplish this in record time...



At this point, we will be able to scale up and achieve our main goal: 'A Peer-to-peer Economy'